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CH-Ausilk - Ksmart - Silky Terrier

CH-Ausilk Ksmart
CH-Ausilk Ksmart

Gender: Male
Neutered: NO-Stud dog
Age: years

Stud dog : ( Available for approved Bitches )

PEDIGREE: - Ahnentafel:
Pedigree Ksmart 999
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All Enquiries welcome;
CH, Top stud Dogs known for their consistency in Performance, quality & progeny.
Available for approved Bitches only.

This is a good place to select your CCC (Q) t/a DOGS Queensland registered Puppy,
They are all Vet checked,
wormed and Vaccinated & micro-shipped,and DNA Tested.

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Now the good news!
 A dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tongue.

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