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Feeding A Silky OR Yorkshire Terrier

Getting a dog as a pet means caring for it in a responsible way a dogs life long!

A puppy's dietary needs differ end from the needs of an adult or mature dog.
A puppy have twice the energy needs of a fully grown dog.

BASICS Feeding!!   > see picture

I recommend 3 meals a day to the age of 3 months, 2 meals a day to 8-9 months then 1 meal a day for the adult dog, but this a guide for our silky's only. If you give your pup milk, goats milk is the best, or Pets own Puppy milk. Please do not water any milk down. [Some dogs can not tolerant cows milk].  Always make sure your dog has clean fresh water and shade in the daytime, especially in the hot summer months.

Feeding NEVER, NEVER feed your pup Chicken - BONES, FISH BONES ,or CHOP BONES as these can cause serious internal damage.
NO Potatoes, Onions, Chocolate, spicy things, salts, the white of an egg. Cat foot, and for some Silky's  Noodles should only be fed OCCASIONALLY to very ACTIVE dogs.


Dental Hygiene Check your dog's teeth regularly for signs of tartar build up and gum disease. Regularly give your dog a raw bone or hard -baked biscuit to scrape his teeth clean and thereby minimize bad breath. I have found oxtail bones or knuckle bones are quite safe but don't leave the bones laying about for days.

Do not feed your pup meat alone as this does not have all the vitamins and minerals your pup needs. There are many good, well balanced dog food products available from your supermarkets, and many of the dog food companies have put a lot of time and money into researching the best possible nutritional foods for your dog. Most dog foods display quantity -  instructions on the labelling. I do not recommend CAT food, for dogs [ although they seem to like it ] As I believe it was made for CATS not for dogs and   requirements are  different from our dogs. Dry biscuits are an excellent source of completely balanced food and are also very economical in these recessional times.  I like to give my dogs a variety of food such as a good quality canned food, Puppy food for pup's up to the age of 12 month. Dry biscuits, fresh meat and vegetables cooked, and the dog sausage type of food. I wouldn't like to eat the same meal day in and day out so I don't expect my dogs to either. A few piece of non smelly cheese or a small amount of cooked liver are a good treat. But once again, this is only a guide.

Helpful hinds for home cooked dog food:

Unfortunately, some dogs Young or old, hold their owners to ransom and refuse to eat'- perhaps holding out for chicken or fillet steak.
This is nonsense as the dog must eat what you think is best for him. Therefore, ignore these tactics and rem­ove the food if uneaten, in half an hour. * He has, had ample time to take, advantage "of eating”.
If the food can be saved; place glad-wrap over same and place it the refrigerator for the next day. Perhaps it can be heated up and made palatable again - you can judge if this is possible. If not, it's far better to put it in the garbage tin than to leave it is there uneaten to attract the flies.  Besides it gives the `fussy eater 'a psycho-, logical advantage which makes it difficult to break this habit. Some dogs can go for three days with­out eating. Don't worry; he won't die of star­vation when he is being offered good food each day.
If firmness is exhibited, he will' be eating very nicely whatever you choose to feed, him. At times like this a vitamin supplement is extremely val­uable. Increase his maintenance dosage a little and in no time you will have him begging for his food:

Change in diet pattern!

Remember, a dog's digestive system takes several days to adjust to any changes in diet - so if you wish to feed your dog a completely dif­ferent diet to what he is used to, take it slowly or his bowels will protest with subsequent trouble for you? However, as the time passes, introduce gradually the food you have decided to feed your dog.


When dog biscuits are made at home, one is sure that. The best-quality ingredients are in­cluded which are bound to benefit the health of your dog. The following is a good and nutritious recipe for dog biscuits.
2 cups of whole-grain flour, (not self-raising)
1/2:cup of Cornmeal / 1 tablespoon of bone meal / 1/2 cup: soy flour" /1/2: cup oatmeal  / 1/2 cup parsley 3 eggs. / 2 tablespoons yeast powder / 1 tablespoon alfalfa seeds / 1 tablespoon kelp powder / 1/2 cup wheat germ oil / 2 tablespoons molasses / 1/2 tee spoon. Sea salt.
Mix all ingredients together, using a little milk to mix to a stiff dough. Turn out onto a board and knead with wholegrain Flour to a handling consistency. Press into greased shallow Baking trays and cook for approximately 30 to 40 minutes in a slow oven. Whilst hot, cut into squares. These dog biscuits may be fed as a morning snack, or from part of the evening meal.

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