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Australian Silky Terrier Club OF Queensland  

25th Anniversary
( Affiliated with Canine Control Council of
Queensland. January 1988 )

Welcoming Address
A milestone has arrived and we wish to dedicate this show:
22-09-2012 to the Foundation Members,
who have so generously given of there time and continual support in association with the Club since its inception.
At this time we horn our: Helma and Helmut Dressler
Lorna and Bevan Hinch, Christine Magson, Daphne Muhling
Fay McDougal, Ann, Graham and Myles Rohde.
Without these stalwarts of the Breed, there would be no Australian Silky Terrier Club of Queensland and for that we thank them.
Show resulds 25 Anniversary show from 22-09-2012

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