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Dog Stories & Information

Hints or bad news

Owners shop while pets ( Dogs) suffer! "If it is 30C. Out site, in 15 minutes that car's going to be up over 50C. in site the CAR" So a Dog. Breeds with a short snout like pugs, shitzus, boxers, and bulldogs particularly can die in less than seven minutes. So don't take the dog if you're going to have to leave it in the car. Owners who leave their pets in cars can be charged and fined up to $50.000. So be aware!

Dogs feel our pain

They hold the undisputed title of man's best friend but scientists believe the bond between dogs and their owners may be even deeper than we thought. Although it has been shown that dogs can empathies with humans, no studies have explored the level of mental processes behind the relationship, Researchers at University believe dogs can respond beyond reacting to human emotions. Changes in domesticated dogs' biology mean empathy towards humans has been fine-tuned.

Now the good news!   A dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tongue.

Should  dogs sleep in you bed?

With more then two million Australian households owning a dog, it is no wonder that some of these pets end up sleeping on family beds.
The bond formed between a dog and it's owner is so strong that many people choose to keep the dog nearby at night, rather then send Rover away to his own bed. Dr Peter Higgins spokesman for Dogs NSW says, “let sleeping dogs lie”. “If you are comfortable with the idea of your dog sleeping on your bed, and basic hygiene is followed there is no reason to change a thing,” he said. “Basic hygiene means regular bathing, brushing and teeth cleaning. It is a good idea to encourage walking before bed, to minimize accidents during the night.” The bed in the bedroom is the most comfortable and desirable place for sleeping in the house ( small breeds ) and it is important that humans establish themselves as the pack leaders.
If a dog challenges for authority, it is best to put a stop to it at once. The dog should be removed from the bed or the room. Despite the possible difficulties with behavior, most dog owners love their pets and enjoy the cuddle and comfort at night time. "Allyse T" has two pugs and loves having one of them on her bed at night. “I would be cold and lonely without my Jimmy beside me,” she said. “he makes me feel loved and I sleep better knowing that he is here with me.
”Health concerns about dogs sleeping on the bed with their owner have been exaggerated according to Dr Higgins.
“Dogs carry very few diseases that are transmissible to humans,” he said. “That is a scientific fact.” “You would have more chance of catching something from a person coughing or sneezing.” “The big debate of course is, does your four legged friend sleep on top or under the covers? ”Dogs can be a big reassurance for deep sleepers. A dog can hear noises while his owner is asleep. This is a refreshing support for some dog owners, who are prepared to share their warm bedroom to achieve a secure nights sleep. Many Australian households find more peace when the family dog assumes his place on a family members bed, and provides all the comfort and goodwill that comes with being man's best friend.
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