Key Benefits: To have a well - trained Silky Terrier Or Yorkshire Terrier But be aware! of DESIGNER DOG's Vaccination,- Yorkshire Terrier Gallery.-

Page 3-Key Benefits: well trained Silky Terrier - Yorkshire Terrier - Home of fine Silky - Yorkshire Terriers

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Page 3-Key Benefits: well trained Silky Terrier - Yorkshire Terrier

Key Benefits: To have a well trained Silky Terrier Or Yorkshire Terrier
Asked your self A Questions! Should we have a dog.

Bring your home to life.
Looking for something special for your home? Instant gorgeous love! If you don't have a dog get one.  Forget the excuse!
get fit whit a little Yorkshire Terrier as a house Pet.
I'm too old?  This is counteracted by research demonstrating that regular working activity is associated whit a 30 % decreased risk of losing mobility for older people. This means a better quality of life, for you Medical experts now recommend  that just 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days of the week can achieve benefits,         
I think this is great news, especially when "moderate activity" equates to of my favourite things - walking with my little Yorkshire Terrier mate. Follow your heart to a natural medicine and owned a loving little Australian Silky or Yorkshire Terrier he is always listening to you, and never talks back to you, only barks sometimes. heart

The Silky is more Suitable to the Australian climate and is much easier to handle generally. But the Yorkshire Terrier is more Suitable for a insite litle dog, with a small back yard well fenst in.
He is a hardy, alert, lovable little dog who will be a loyal companion to you and your family.
The Australian Silky Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier makes a good  smart little watch dog, is easily house-trained and being a small and affectionate, is eminently suitable for small -house or flat - dwellers.

• The Australian Silky Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier dos not shed hair all over the furniture and with minimum coat care, he will not emit a doggy odour.
When you select your Puppy, you will have spent quite some time considering exactly what type of puppy you should bay.
What size would best fit in with your household; how much exercise space and time the dog will receive; how much he will cost to feed, house and keep in good health and condition etc; and having decided all this, what type of temperament  your dog will need to have to fit in happily with in your family, and what about the children?   Dog or Bitch? The choice between dog and bitch is also of preference. "Yes" you made the best suitable decision; The Australian Silky Terrier or A Yorkshire Terrier is A must.

But be aware!

So many people have bought an appealing "little" puppy which was sold  to them as a Silky Terrier OR Yorkshire Terrier,
(or a DESIGNER DOG ),Labradoodle or a Cavoodudle and so on.  Only to find out later that the father was a Blue- Heeler. I am firmly against crossbreeds.
The downside is you can not blame the dog for the outcome, later in live.
" When you buy a purebred, you know exactly what you are going to get. 98 % " Ask the Breeder can I visit you and see the litter on site, including Sire & Dam, if it is possible? So you know approximately, what you will get later on.
(see page
Vaccination )
(We can never hope to purge the breed of all defects!, but through selective breeding we can work to stack the "genetic deck" more in our favour over the years.)
Even an expert cannot look at a 6-8 week- old cross breed and guess his ultimate weight, size coat or very important-character or what about any medical issues?. This is not to say that you should not  buy a cross breed dog from an animal shelter this is your choosing after all.
Rather that you should keep all these points in you mind when considering to buy a small Australian Silky OR Yorkshire Terrier, purchase one from a well known and registered Breeder which is a member of the

Canine Control Council (Q)dogs       ALL ENQUIRIES  WELCOME: 07 55460260


Did you know... The canine nose works one million times more efficiently than the human nose!
And the average dog has 42 permanent teeth. Check
regular for clean teeth, and feed a good quality dog-food.
And provide always clean fresh water.
New pets - dogs things to look out for:
Check vaccination certificates for a veterinary practice logo  or address- this way you now, your dog has a full health check as part of the vaccination  process.
Vets supply certificates  at the time of consultation.
Do not accept any pappy,  from a "breeder " who will forward a vaccination certificate.

Vaccination: Dogs, C4 or C5 protect your dog from  distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, bordatella, and Para- influenza,  first at 7-8 weeks of age, second-boost at
12 weeks of age,
To get the most out of your vet appointment, prepare a list of all the points you wish to discussed with the vet.
Your  dogs annual vaccination is after the 12 month and
is an important part of your best friend's long term health
and wellbeing.  And if you need any help? Look in our
LINK - Pages.

The most council law requires that all pups be vaccinated at the time of being sold or given away.
Micro shipped: YES all puppies being micro shipped and
DNA tested!


Remember, what you feed to your silky terrier, will show in his or her  general appearance and condition. Puppies in particular should receive adequate nutrition due to the particular demands placed upon their constitution during the growth period. More information click on N0:1  info ikon


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