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Page 6-F.A.Q.

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A Dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tongue !

                                           Frequently Asked Questions!!

 FAQ Page Silky Terrier and Yorkshire Terriers Click on the red heart, you get the correct answer!

1. How do I Feed a Silky Terrier correct...

2. Where can I find A C C C (Q)dogs, registered Responsible Australian Silky Terrier or  Yorkshire Terrier Breeders .

Why should I buy A pedigree Australian Silky Terriers or Yorkshire Terrier ?

[This is the answer to the question.] ?> When you select your Puppy, you will have spent quite some time considering exactly what type of puppy you should bay. What size would best fit in with your household; how much exercise space and time the dog will receive; how much he will cost to feed, house and keep in good health and condition etc; and having decided all this, what type of temperament your dog will need to have to fit in happily with in your family, and what about the children? Dog or Bitch? The choice between dog and bitch is also of preference. "Yes" you made the best suitable decision; The Australian Silky Terrier is A must. The Silky is more Suitable to the Australian climate and is much easier to handle generally. The Australian Silky Terrier makes a good smart little watch dog, is easily house-trained and being a small and affectionate, is eminently suitable for small - house or flat - dwellers.  

4. How long is the live time (approx.) of a Australian Silky Terriers or Yorkshire Terrier..

5. What is the right colour of a Australian Silky Terrier..
? / What is the right colour of A Yorkshire Terriers..? or,   [This is the answer to the question.]
All puppies are born black and tan, eventually growing in to a Steel blue ( Yorkshire Terrier) or gray blue and tan, (Silky Terrier) This can take up to 2 years.

6. When is it save to bay a Australian Silky Terrier puppy...
?  [This is the answer to the question.]
Not before the age of 8 to 10 weeks. (Yorkshire Terrier, Not before the age of 9 to 12 weeks.)  
This is a good place to select your C C C(Q)dogs registered Puppy,
They are all Vet checked, wormed and Vaccinated & micro shipped.

Where can I find ... ?  Caring for your new puppy /
[This is the answer to the question.]>click on  

Why should I bay A  CCC(Q) dogs registered  Australian Silky or Yorkshire Terrier ... ?
[This is the answer to the question.]
So many people have bought an appealing little puppy which was sold to them as a Silky Terrier, only find out later that the father was a Blue- Heeler.
Even an expert cannot look at a 6-10 week- old cross breed and guess his ultimate weight, size coat or   very important-character.
This is not to say that you should not buy a cross breed dog. Rather that you should keep all these points in your mind when considering to buy a small Australian Silky Terrier or Yorkshire Terrier, purchase one from a well- known and registered Breeder which is a member of the C C C (Q)dogs.  

What is our responsibility If we desire to bay-    A Silky or Yorkshire Terrier... ?

[This is the answer to the question.]  
Dog owners must always remember thy should be a responsible owner, considerate of their neighbours and aware of their local council by-laws pertaining to dogs. The most important requirement in purchasing a pup should be a fenced yard. When you bay a puppy you become responsible for the health and welfare of that pup including holiday season. Never let your dog run the streets [for his safety and consideration for motorists].
A STREET DOG IS A TEMPORARY PET!!! The odds are a car will eventually hit him or he will become very expensive in Dog Pound fines.
He is a member of your family household and should be treated accordingly.                                  

When is the right time for Spaying our female puppy... ? see below V

DE-SEXING Spaying is the removal of the reproductive organs of female dogs.
It is the most common means of contraception for pets.
Apart from ensuring no litters are produced, spaying also protects against some common diseases affecting the reproductive organs. The best time to spay young female dogs is between 5. and 7. months---before the first breeding cycle. ( How ever spaying can be done at any time after 5.months.)
Is best timing healths-wiese for your puppy.  Although spaying is extremely common, it is still a major surgical procedure, and some side effects may occur in a small number of cases. Some people say spaying leads to obesity, but this can be controlled by diet and exercise,? and may "not" be directly related to the operation. Believing a bitch should have a litter of pups before being spayed, but there is no medical evidence to substantiate this view.
NEUTERING of male dogs is less common in a small breed If you keep him in dors and in a enclosed backyard under control. Of course some people may not want their dog to be more docile, and physical characteristics do not develop as normal.

And if you still not Shure what Toy breed you desire  And if you not now the diferencebetween the breeds The Australian Silky Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier Please click on here. V  
[This is the answer to the question..

The foundation of a good relationship with a dog is the making of a few sensible decisions.
The first and perhaps most important decision are to carefully select a breed of dog that is most likely to fit into the family temperament and lifestyle. TAKE NOTE:
The Yorkshire Terrier is not suited to being an outdoor dog only. Ideal owner/s is those who require a family companion and are prepared to have a dog living indoors or in the enclosed backyard most of the times.
The good news is, the Yorkshire or a Silky Terrier is low cost to feed, with a tiny appetite. We recommend a good quality dog food from: Advanced Dog Food.

And if you don’t want to deal with the delicate and fines of the Yorkshire terrier or the housebreaking difficulties and not being socialized enough, why not consider as an alternative and added benefit of the lower purchasing cost of the Silky Terrier which is more suitable to the Australian climate and is generally much easier to handle.
There are many breeds to choose from, there are breeds that can cope with hot, muggy temperatures like the Australian Silky Terrier, he meet the special need for a compact pet and home companion for apartment and urban dwellers. Silky’s have always been a popular house pet, and can put up with children. Silky’s are hardy, non-shedding odorless, and also a great little watch dogs. But he has some right to be a full member of your family.

More option to select, please click here--> PP show      /  
Thank you for viewing our website.

All the latest information is now just a mouse click away!   

Getting a dog as a pet,( Silky OR Yorkshire Terrier ) means caring for it in a responsible way a dogs life long! Approx.: 14 to 16 years!

Feeding a Silky or Yorkshire Terrier FEEDING; A puppy's dietary needs different from the needs of an adult or mature dog.
 A puppy have twice the energy needs of a fully grown dog.

BASICS Feeding!!

I recommend 3 meals a day to the age of 3 months, 2 meals a day to 8-9 months then 1 meal a day for the adult dog,        but this a guide for our silkie's & Yorkies only. If you give your pup milk, goats milk is the best, or Pets own Puppy milk  Please do not water any milk down. [Some dogs can   not tolerant cow’s milk].  
Always make sure your dog has   clean fresh water and shade   in the daytime, especially in the   hot summer months.   

"BIG NO NO'S"; more 1. 2.

“Feeding”  NEVER, NEVER   feed your pup   Chicken - BONES, FISH BONES ,or CHOP BONES  as these can cause serious internal damage. NO Potatoes, Onions, Chocolate, spicy things, salts, the white of an egg. Cat foot, and for some Silkie's Noodles should only be fed OCCASIONALLY to very ACTIVE dogs.

Dental Hygiene Check your dog's teeth regularly for signs of tartar build up and gum disease. Regularly give your dog a     raw bone or hard -baked biscuit to scrape his teeth clean and thereby minimize bad breath.
I have found oxtail bones or knuckle bones are quite safe but don't leave the bones laying about for days.  

Do   not feed your pup meat alone as this does not have all the   vitamins and minerals   your pup needs.
There are many good, well balanced dog food products available from your supermarkets, and many of the dog food companies have put a lot of time and money into researching the best possible nutritional foods for your dog. Most dog foods display quantity instructions on the labeling. I do not recommend CAT food for dogs [although they seem to like it]
As I believe it was made for CATS not for dogs and requirements are different from our dogs. Dry biscuits are an excellent source of completely balanced food and are also very economical in these recessional times.  

I like to give my dogs a variety of food such as a good quality canned food, Puppy food for pup's up to the age of 12 month. Dry biscuits, fresh meat and vegetables cooked, and the dog sausage type of food. I wouldn't like to eat the same meal day in and day out so I don't expect my dogs to either. A few piece of non smelly cheese or a small amount of cooked Liver are a good treat. But once again, this is only a guide.

Helpful hints for home cooked dog food   Unfortunately, some dogs Young or old, hold their owners to ransom and refuse to eat'- perhaps holding out for chicken or fillet steak.
This is nonsense as the dog must eat what you think is best for him. Therefore, ignore these tactics and rem­ove the food if uneaten, in half an hour.* He has, had ample time to take, advantage  
"of eating”. If the food can be saved; place glad-wrap over same and place it the refrigerator for the next day. Perhaps it can be heated up and made palatable again -you can judge if this is possible.   If not, it's far better to put it in the garbage tin than to leave it sit there uneaten to attract the flies. Besides it gives the `fussy eater 'a psycho-, logical advantage which makes it difficult to break this habit.
Some dogs can go for three days with­out eating. Don't worry; he won't die of star­vation when he is being offered good food each day. If firmness is exhibited, he will' be eating very nicely whatever you choose to feed, him. At times like this a vitamin supplement is extremely val­uable.  
Increase his maintenance dosage a little and in no time you will have him begging for his food: more->

Change in diet pattern!
Remember, a dog's digestive system takes several days to adjust to any changes in diet - so if you wish to feed your dog a completely dif­ferent diet to what he is used to, take it slowly or his bowels will protest with subsequent trouble for you?   However, as the time passes, introduce gradually the food you have decided to feed your dog.  
For more information.!Remember, what you feed to your silky terrier or Yorkshire Terrier, will show in his or her general appearance and condition. Puppies in particular should receive adequate nutrition due to the particular demands placed upon their constitution during the growth period.    

     Change in diet pattern!  All different Dog Food      

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