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The Toy Dog Club of QLD

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Welcome to the world of Toy dogs Introduction. New Adventure, select your preferred Toy Breed
Group One – Toys

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Please click on the link below to view the membership form! V

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An initiative of the Breeders, Group One Toys, Promoting Responsible Dog Ownership
You are want to know a little about the Australian Silky Terriers and the Toy Group Dogs?
We will try to be helpful and give you general information.
Our main aim for the Toy Dog Club of Q.L.D, is to the initial enthusiasm, maintained with more Toy Dogs being on the Web.
Also a range of information about the Australian Silky Terrier & Yorkshire Terrier made available. to the public.  

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Membership Information
Please print and complete the membership form. The form can be returned with a cheque by mail to the club secretary,
alternatively membership can be paid by direct debit and the completed form scanned and emailed to --->
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            Club Secretary: Del Davies Ph.  54 646206 / 358 Sugarloaf Rd Mt Forbes  4340 Qld  
President:info ikon Glen Wilshier  Ph.0407201274 /  
Treasurer:info ikon Steve Standley Ph.0477710913

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This is the best place to select your Canine Control Council (Q) dogs registered puppy.
Puppies sometimes available. More info please give as a call!
All Dogs Queensland members are bound to adhere to a member,s Code of Ethics relating to the keeping, welfare, breeding and selling of dogs.
All puppy purchasers can complete a feedback from on their breeder and return it to Dogs Queensland to check the breeder is adhering to the code of Ethics.

A responsible person will choose a purebred dog because the behavioour, apperance and size of the dog are predictable!  
( There is no degree of predictability of outcome with a cross breed dog.) /- more Info-
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Now the good news!
 A dog makes more friends than man because he wages his tail, not his tongue.

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